Should I seal the stone?

It is not required to seal our Stone. A sealer will provide added protection and will usually be easier to clean if the surface becomes dirty. If you choose to use a sealer for added protection, use only a silane or siloxane-based penetrating breathable masonry sealer.

NOTE: A sealer may affect the stone colour and may create a gloss or matte finish. Always test a small area beforehand.

What maintenance is required for our products if any?

Periodic washing to remove surface dust and debris is all that is required. Most products are virtually maintenance free.

Can we install Veneer Stone around a fireplace?

Veneer Stone can be installed around a fireplace. The veneer has to be a minimum of 18″ from any open flame.

Are all Veneer Stone products natural stone?

Some of Veneer Stones light-weight stone products are reconstituted stone, with various advantages over natural stone.

  1. A lighter weight material
  2. Its ease of installation
  3. Its availability
  4. More economical to buy than natural stone
  5. Colour can be altered to suit personal taste
  6. Prefabricated corner pieces
What is the difference between reconstituted stone veneers and natural stone?

Reconstituted stone veneer is cast from moulds, which makes it lighter than natural stone. Natural stone may require wall ties and footings, which, in turn, can increase installation cost and difficulty. Reconstituted stone veneers lighter weight, designed to adhere easily to a variety of structurally sound surfaces, and is capable of installations that would normally be very difficult and costly to achieve with natural stone.

Will reconstituted stone fade?

The base colour is blended throughout and permanent mineral oxide pigments are applied and absorbed when the veneer is cast. Colour becomes an integral part of the veneer and, similar to natural stone, there are minimal noticeable colour changes after years of weathering.

What are the benefits of using hand crafted stone?

What are the benefits of using hand crafted stone?
Installed, hand crafted stone is approximately 1 / 3 to 1 / 2 the cost of natural stone. Its light-weight properties eliminate the need for wall ties or footings. Hand crafted stone has a 5% (approximately) waste factor versus 10% or more for natural stone. Veneer Stone can be installed around corners with our prefabricated corner pieces.

What is our reconstituted stone made of?

Our stones are casts in moulds. Each colour and texture uses a unique blend of limestone, which has been crushed into a powder, with a small amount of cement and mineral oxide pigments which are guaranteed not to fade.

What kind of surface is necessary in order to apply our products

Our stone products may be adhered to any prepared clean, untreated, structurally sound wall surfaces. This includes Wallboards, Plywood, Panelling, Wall Sheathing, Concrete/Cement Board or Masonry Walls. Please refer to our installation instructions for further information. 

Can our stone products be used on wall area adjacent to swimming pools?

Our products will perform the same as any other quality lightweight reconstituted stone. Although, it should be taken into consideration with any reconstituted stone or natural material, continued exposure to chlorine and other chemicals may eventually affect the coloration of the products. When frequently exposed to water, we recommend protection with a non-film breathable masonry sealer.

NOTE: A sealer may affect the stone colour and may create a gloss or matte finish. Always test a small area beforehand.

How heavy are the stone products?

The weight varies by styles. The approximate weight is 19-60 kilograms per square meter depending on the product selected.

What is the average thickness of our stone products?

Average thickness is 2-5 centimetres, depending on textures.

Can the stone products be used on both exterior and interior applications?

Yes! The products are suitable for both applications. They allow you to bring the outdoors inside as well as emphasizing your design and continuity in your colour and textures schemes.

Should I colour the Mortar?

Our products applications are enhanced when mortar is tinted to accompany or match the stone colour using iron oxide mortar colours available.

Can I install Veneer Stone myself?

In general, installation of Veneer Stone can be installed by almost anyone. However, installation does require a fundamental understanding of stone masonry. Please refer to our user installation guide.

How important is good stone installation?

As with any building material, the beauty of that product is greatly enhanced by how well it is installed. Veneer Stone, careful consideration regarding the type of profile and colour selected, the actual installed stone “pattern”, and the type of grout technique used, are all very important factors to regard. It is always best to create a mock up board with the desired aesthetic appeal prior to installation on your project.

Does the colour go all the way through?

Yes! A base colour is blended throughout the entire product. Colour overtones are applied and integrated into the product during the cast process. Since every stone is handmade, colours may vary slightly from sample board.

Can our stone products be cut?

Yes our products are easily cut or trimmed using a hatchet or wide-mouth nipper. You may also use a hand held grinder with a masonry blade or a brick saw.

Product Colour Variations?

Our hand crafted product is reconstructed stone utilising naturally occurring aggregates, therefore no guarantee can be given that stone produced at different times will be identical in colour shade. When using several packs of product we advise our product is selected from each pack at the onset of the project, thus producing an acceptable overall natural appearance.