Width 280-300  x  Length 490-510  x  Thickness 35-45

A retaining wall cap is the topmost layer or finishing element of a retaining wall. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, providing protection and enhancing the overall appearance of the structure. The retaining wall cap adds a polished and cohesive look to the wall. It can be designed to complement the surrounding landscape or match the architectural style of the property. Available in 8 different colours to compliment any of our product collections.

Pier Caps

Available in 6 different size in the 8 different Veneer Stone colours

A pier cap is a structural and decorative element that sits on top of a pier or column. It serves as a crucial component in providing stability and protection to the underlying support structure while adding an aesthetic touch to architectural designs. By combining functionality and visual appeal, they offer a harmonious integration of form and function in construction projects.

Pier Caps are available in the below sizing;

390 x 390
520 x 400
520 x 520
540 x 540
560 x 560
630 x 630