Inspired by Native Australian Stone

The colours and textures of Veneer Stone are inspired by native stone, such as McLaren Vale limestone, Victorian bluestone and Sydney sandstone. You can create a timeless and natural Australian look that will enhance any property. Corners and capping available to suit all products.

Our stunning collection of stone veneers allows you to create contemporary or classic designs with the distinctive look and relaxed feel of solid stone walling. Veneer Stone is suitable for tiling over many internal and external surfaces. It’s the perfect solution for your stone walling with less impact on the environment than solid stone.

Veneer Stone Arctic Limestone
veneer stone dry stack collection

Dry Stack Collection

Dry Stack Collection

Dry Stacked stone wall cladding can add a rustic look of old world charm when installed with mortar joints. Click to learn more about it's stunning appearance.

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veneer stone ledgestone collection

Ledgestone Collection

Ledgestone Collection

Ledgestone offers the look of dry stacked individual stones. This gives timeless beauty to any application. Click to learn more about its uses.

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veneer stone arctic collection

Arctic Collection

Arctic Collection

The state of the art structure of Arctic Stone compliments any style of application, from house facades to warming a living room wall, to a poolside water feature.

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veneer stone coastal collection

Coastal Collection

Coastal Collection

This Architectural rustic stone reflects beauty in the randomness of each individual stone that captures the timeless character of the Australian coastline.
Tight joints pieced together with painstaking precision can offer a full wall of art to compliment your home, or grouting the joints gracefully compliments the distinctive textural details and provides a contemporary finish.

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veneer stone dressed edge collection

Dressed Edge Collection


Dressed Edge Collection

Our Dressed Edge collection provides that perfect blend of a relaxed country charm with sophisticated modern art. This design is very popular and will compliment and enhance any application.

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veneer stone sample

Need Help Deciding?

Order a Sample

Experience the beauty and quality of our products first hand by ordering full-size stone samples. Our company understands the importance of selecting the perfect stone for your project. By offering full-size stone samples, we give you the opportunity to see the intricate details, texture, and colour variations up close.


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Designed and manufactured in Australia, Veneer Stone is made from a blend of crushed sandstone with less than 1% natural colour pigments. All stone comes in tile form, from 20 to 43 millimetres thick, and is easy to install. Pre-fabricated corners and capping are highly recommended for creating a refined solid stone look.

100% Australian Stone

Designed & Handcrafted in Australia

Indoor or Outdoor

No matter its use, from external cladding to internal features and fireplaces, our stone cladding adds depth and texture to any designed space and beautifully blends the boundaries between inside and out.

Australia Wide Display Locations

We have display locations all around Australia. Click to find your nearest display location.


The classic elegance and intricate detail of small stones combined with the simplicity of a panel system give this stone the appearance of a precision hand-laid dry stack set.

Corners & Capping

Pre-fabricated corners and capping are available to suit all collections to create a refined solid stone look

Low Maintanance

Due to its durability, Veneer Stone is a low maintenance solution, requiring a general clean occasionally and resealing (if product has been sealed) every few years depending on your application.

Easy Installation

Veneer Stone handcraft the highest quality, attractive and easy to install stone veneers and has a range of variations in each collection. They are made to interlock with each other for easy application.

Architects Choice

Architects choose our products because we provide the tools and support they need to excel in their craft, enhance collaboration, embrace sustainability, and stay at the forefront of the industry. By blending creativity with practicality, we ensure that our designs are not only visually stunning but also functionally optimised. With our products, architects can confidently bring their creative visions to life and deliver exceptional architectural solutions.

Highly Durable

Veneer Stone is highly durable with the ability to withstand dramatic changes in temperature including elements such as rain, frost, air pollution and direct sunlight. Inspired by the harsh Australian climate, Veneer Stone ages beautifully. When unsealed, it takes on an historic look after years of weathering. Or, to retain the fresh quarried look and enhance the natural colours, you simply seal the stone with a penetrating sealer.